Apr 282011

When contemplating filing a patent application in another country, you may get a single quote that lumps together all of the associated fees (e.g., translation, attorney fees, etc). One of the fees when broken down that has recently interested me is the country’s filing fees. While this fee may appear constant in the country itself, to the outsider the rate fluctuates every single day depending on how his currency is trading against the foreign country. For instance, I compiled a simple list from foreign countries’ patent office websites.

Brazil China Indonesia Japan South Korea Mexico
140 reais 950 RMB 575000 rupiah 15,000 yen 38,000 won 7172.92 pesos

If you are the type of person that really likes to break costs down, this may be a difficult cost to accurately nail down. An interesting idea, that I have yet to come across, is an instant snapshot of all the country’s patent filing fees compared to the currency of your choice. The system could display real-time rates using Forex or Citibank or some other currency platform. Anyone think there would be demand for something like this?

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