Jul 122009

My summer is going extremely well. I am not doing very much legal-related, but I am getting a lot done. It is the summer of firsts: first time at Moab, Jackson Hole, and a rodeo among other things. In continuing with my outdoors spirit, a group of friends and I went on an overnight campout on Friday up Battlecreek canyon. It was absolutely beautiful and definitely ranks in my all-time top-10 list of favorite campouts. The tin foil dinners were delish, the weather was perfect, and the company was great. On the way back, I started thinking about law review. You see, last semester I spent a very large chunk of my time applying to be on law review. At my school, we have two journals that you can apply to be on the editorial board: Pierce law review and IDEA – the intellectual property journal. I thought to myself that it was middle of July and they should probably release the results of who made it very soon. I hadn’t been thinking that much of law review, so I remember it struck me as interesting that I was thinking about it. Anyway, the thoughts about law review fled from me until I came home to check my email. There were two emails, one from the head of Pierce law review, the other from the head of IDEA; both wanted me to join their journal. I felt very honored by those emails. I wrote Richard back accepting his offer to be on IDEA. In that moment, I felt like my hard work had paid off. A lot of times in life, you work really hard for something and you never get to see the fruits of your labor. That is so frustrating to me. However, there are times when your hard work really does pay off. That was such a moment yesterday. Suffice it to say that I celebrated by not doing anything work-related for the rest of the day.

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